Vermut Zarro

Corporate Identity, Art direction,
packaging and photography.

Almost twenty years after the first identity of Vermut Zarro was made for our client, Bodegas Sanviver come again for trust us for the restyling of the brand. In this new stage the bottle packaging is the protagonist with a new positioning : “The vermouth of Madrid”.

vermut de grifo

Vermut Zarro have like one of the first characteristics be a “tap vermouth” wich award it fresh and originality qualities. The new brand arrange is complemented with the original one in a natural way, fact of this is because Madrid is a spanish city and probably an europe one where the consumition of “tap vermouth” is mostly outspread. In this way besides certifying its origins, the idea of a traditional product is reinforced.

Vermut Zarro rojo
Vermut Zarro blanco
Vermut Zarro reserva

One time defined the main image, applications were made for taps, coasters, counters and banners… We also carried out some photo sessions that are a basic guide for the application of the brand image to advertising campains and as for the website.

White Vermouth Zarro
Especial tapa to aged vermouth
Aged Vermouth Zarro
Zarro bottle collection
Especial tapa to red vermouth
Red vermouth Zarro poster
Especial tapa to aged vermouth
Red vermouth and soda water siphon
Especial tapa to white vermouth